Routine? Not exactly.

A lot of old retired guys have morning routines. Mine goes like this:

A. Let the cat out.

B. Make a pot of coffee.

C. Fetch the morning paper

D. Sit down with B & C.

This is known as my Phase One. But a couple of mornings ago, I never got past A.

The Brat Cat (AKA The Problem Child) was waiting at her usual place, the back door, all set to journey forth for new adventures and hopefully kill a bird or two, her favorite hobby.  Now Brat does not just dash out all willy-nilly, no, she always hesitates at the threshold to check for possible danger, the danger being in the form of  a rather large pit bill by the name of Lucky who lives across the street. Lucky loves to come over for visits with unwary cats. I’ve always liked Lucky.

When Brat hesitated on that particular morning, I scanned the yard for old Lucky but saw nothing. Brat refused to move, half in, half out. I encouraged her to proceed with a gentle foot to her backside, gentle being subjective of course. Once out, the cat got low, her belly brushing the deck, her predatory mode is what it looked like. Except, she stayed right there on the deck, stock still, quiet. Then I saw the cause of her concern; two deer, one buck, one doe stood there right in the middle of the yard. Now anyone who has spent time in the woods, knows how that works. One minute you would swear there’s not a deer within five miles, and the next, there he is, right in front of you. How do they do that?

It’s not uncommon to see deer in our backyard here at the humble abode, once every couple of weeks would be about average. Since January, we have seen a herd of four, then three, then a single doe, until this instance with the pair.  The buck was a good sized six-point, in velvet, with the  morning sun backlighting his antlers with a crown of golden edges. Photo op! I ran for the camera.

Easing my way to the back door, I knew it would be tricky. The deer were close. One of them was bound to see movement no matter how carefully I opened the door. But what’s the saying? Nothing ventured nothing gained?  I no sooner touched the knob when the deer panicked,  their white-flag tails flew up, and both took off at a dead run. What the hell? That’s when I saw we had another visitor in the yard, no it wasn’t  Lucky; it was a red fox! The fox showed up one evening to munch on some bird feed I had left on a tree stump and continues to come around and check for more free lunches..

The sudden movement by the deer scared the bejesus out of the Brat Cat who also fled, high-tailing it for parts unknown. I’m sure the fox thought, “Screw this, I’m outta here.” and he took off in the opposite direction. All this before my first cup of coffee.

As you may conclude, there are no routine days here at the abode. Some days it’s a zoo.


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  1. How nice that you live in an area where you get to see so much wildlife, and added to that you have the talents to photograph and write about them.

  2. what a day! time for happy hour, huh?

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