I Have a Dream

Today, on the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” address, I watched the evening news as tens of thousands crowded the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall. One young black man used the camera to make this statement, “I have a dream that someday a 17-year old black teenager (Trayvon Martin) can walk the streets in safely. ”

I have similar dreams. I dream that an 88 year old WW2 vet could live out his life in peace without being beaten and murdered by a cowardly punk.

I have a similar dream for an 86 year old Tulsa woman that was beaten and raped in her home.

I have the dream that a young Australian lad could finish his run without being shot in the back and murdered because some teens were bored.

I dream that a man shopping in a Tulsa Best Buy, could finish his outing with his grand-daughter and not be killed by stray bullets from gang warfare.

I dream that four women living in a predominately black apartment building would not be executed by bullets to the back of their heads while in the prime of life.

I dream that we could have our own Al Sharpton to lead demonstrations and raise hell when such atrocities are committed in the white community.

But that will never happen. It’s  only a dream.

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  2. Well thought out and stated.

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