Hold Your Fire!

They’re at it again. The neighborhood is filled with the sound of gunfire. Close, too close. Someone must have bought a new gun or they’re sighting it in for deer season. Maybe I’m a little overly cautious, but I don’t like stepping out in my backyard and have the feeling I should duck and run for cover. Followers of this little blog will remember my previous conversation with the Osage County Sheriff’s department where I was told it was all perfectly legal as long as they were shooting responsibly. Yeah, right.

“Excuse me guys, but is everyone in your group shooting responsibly over here? Do you have a suitable backstop with no rocks or other hard objects for the bullets to deflect from? Are you sure there are no people or animals or homes with infants just beyond that grove of trees where you’re firing your high powered ammo? What’s that? If I don’t get off your property, you’re gonna stick that rifle where? Sorry. Have another beer.

I was mulling this over the other evening while the TV was tuned to an episode of Alaska Highway Patrol.  A trooper was responding to a call of “shots fired”, not in the middle of Anchorage mind you, but a snow covered back road surrounded  by deep woods. The lawman walked down the road and eventually found a guy target shooting. The man was not cited with a ticket but warned that there were homes in the area and if he were to be caught doing it again, he would pay a hefty fine. This in the middle of a freakin’ Alaska forest mind you. Yet, here in the lower forty-eight. in a neighborhood just outside the city limits of small town Sand Springs, it sounds like we are in the midst of a Taliban ambush. Most of the homes (probably about a hundred or so)  are on half or one acre lots, relative close, and surrounded by flat land where bullets can travel for considerable distances.

Last I heard, Alaska was a state just like Oklahoma. Okay, maybe not just like, but a state with state laws, and according to the Osage County deputy, “I don’t know of a state where you can’t shoot if you’re outside the city limits.”

Well, I know of one deputy, and I wish I was living there right now. I’ll take my chances with bears any day.


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