How May I Assist You? (snicker)

Don’t you just love dealing with Customer Support? It’s right up there with visits to the dentist and the proctologist. Here is my latest skirmish with Samsung Support via “Chat”’ on the computer.

Steve W: (aka Hasheem) Hello Warren, how may I assist you today?

W. Hello Steve, I have one of your products, serial # xxxxxxxx and I’m trying to use one of the features to connect to a Yamaha Model #xxxxx. Both devices claim to be compatible with any device supporting this feature, however I’m having a problem making it work.

Time passes.

W. Hello Steve? Anyone there?

More times passes.

S. You have given me a large amount of data. I will need a few minutes to process it.

W. Sure, take your time pal. I got nothing better to do than chat with help departments.

Much more time passes.

S. Sorry for the delay. My research shows that your Samsung model does not have that particular feature.

I take a deep breath.

W. Steve, this model does in fact, have that feature. Why would I “chat” with you for help on a model that doesn’t have the feature I’m trying to use? The instruction manual has directions for the hookup, but it just doesn’t work. Can you help me with that?

S. I understand you are having trouble hooking up that particular feature. Is that correct?

W. Steve, this is why people become alcoholics and yes, that is correct.

S. Please give me a moment.

I hum the theme from Jeopardy while I do my 2013 taxes.

S. Please click on the link below for a solution.

I’m skeptical of course but I follow Steve’s suggestion. The link is totally unrelated. Surprised?

W. Steve, the link is of no help to me. Forget the Yamaha. Just tell me which of your many Samsung products would actually support the function of which we speak.

S. I hope you can appreciate the limitations of the Support Department.


That was it! Conversation terminated. The cyber equivalent of having a phone slammed in your ear.

Can you appreciate the limits of my patience, Hasheem, you little #%%&*%#!!

“Why are you mixing a Bloody Mary at noon,” asks the Missus.

“It’s strictly for medicinal purposes, my dear, to preserve my mental health.”




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  1. HA
    I can relate

  2. Funny – especially since I just dealt with Samsung customer service and they gave me a link to work with my product and the link did not match my product, and the guys instructions were no help at all. amb

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