Raccoon Wars Escalate

My backyard, formerly the land of peace and serenity, was invaded again last night when marauding raccoons stormed the fences and somehow, somehow breached the high voltage security  system, and gobbled down an entire feeder full of bird seed. For months now, my fence charger attached to the overhead chain, has done an excellent job in repelling any and all insurgents be it coons, squirrels, opossums, or Bigfoot.

The way it works is to have the middle of the chain wired to the hot and the ends grounded. When Mr. Bandit steps across with one paw on the hot and the other paw…well, you get the idea. Hee, hee. So how did they get around this ingenious arrangement.?

The answer might be connected to the newly hung bird landing stick I recently placed between the feeders.  The stick being for bird photographic purposes you see, a natural landing place for portraits. I hung the stick to the hot wire chain using a wire for support. The theory is that the invaders climbed the stick, and since they were no longer grounded, snatched that  feeder down and munched away. Did I mention that they don’t use the little birdy feeding portals to eat? No, they rip the lid off and then it’s bottom’s up.

What to do? I started by securing the feeder to the chain with a carabineer snap. That should help. But went a step further, and rewired the stick so it is held by a single bend in the wire, strong enough to hold several birdies, but not a fat ass raccoon.  Further intelligence is needed on the exact methods of raccoon trickery, possibly a father’s day game camera. Just sayin’.

The saga continues.



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