Another try?

After my last post here, I went to the Kindle Boards forum– mostly Indie writers– and cried a few tears over my disappointing book sales. I got so much positive feedback and words of encouragement that I was moved to give it another try. It wasn’t so much the writing that my peers found lacking, but the covers. Unprofessional and amateurish was a common thread.. And all this time, I thought they were pretty good. Just because I designed them myself could have been a factor in my prejudice. There’s that.

One of the responders on the forum, Kalen O’Donnell, is an actual cover designer.  Not only did he pass along some wisdom on the subject, but also offered to redo my covers for what I thought was a reasonable price.  The idea was to use the covers to convey a connection between all four novels. I’m told  that readers  love books as a series and since my main character, Sheriff Lester P. Morrison, appears in all of them, it seemed only logical to have his name on the covers.

I love the new covers and am in the process of uploading them to Amazon to replace the others. Need to do a little cleanup and make some slight changes in the text first. Who knows, I might even get back to work on the latest effort.

Click for a larger view.


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