Phone Woes

I got it in my head that I needed a portable home phone with better fidelity than what I have. Plantronics seemed to have the solution. I contacted them to make sure the phone and headphones I wanted were compatible.
“Yes,” says Jeffery with adaptor cord xxxxx.
Three days later. Items received. Adaptor cord xxxxx does not work. No audio.
I contact Plantronics again. Laura apologizes and gives me two part numbers for adaptor cords that “should” work.
 “Laura, are you telling me you’re not sure if either of these two cords are compatible?”
“No, but you can test them.”
Test them? I’m not the R&D department for Plantronics. I don’t want to “test” them. Will they work or not?
Plantronics then makes a serious mistake. They send me a customer satisfaction survey.
Yes, I expressed my displeasure with the Tech department in very graphic terms which are not suitable for the family hour.
A few hours later, I receive a reply from Becky. “Sorry, for your inconvenience. Give me your address and I’ll send you a cord.”
Becky, darlin’. I think I love you.
There is a God.
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  1. Love it!!!

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