Up, Up, and Out of Here


  • Internet service: Up
  • Health care premiums: Up
  • Car insurance: Up
  • Home insurance: Up
  • Utility bills. Up

The Tulsa World Newspaper. Up? Yes, up, despite fewer pages and the carrier’s short term memory problems where it seems he can no longer find my address on certain mornings, usually the cold ones. That and his unexplained hit and miss placement of the paper in the designated tube. Now about that tube…

Our front yard is sloped, severely so. I could hold ski races on it if the snow cooperated. But when it rains, the water goes where it always does, down the hill to collect at the bottom leaving puddles large enough to attract Canada geese. It was on those same days that I would often find the paper lying just beneath the surface, an unrecognizable mass of wet pulp and blurred ink.

I addressed the problem with a plastic tube, bright yellow in color, with the words Tulsa World emblazoned on the side. I attached the tube to our brick mailbox next to the street making it easily accessible to most any vehicle. The tube was free of charge. I’ll give ‘em that much.

Problem solved? Not really. Apparently, the carrier, not wanting to get another inch or two of his arm wet while extending it to the tube, would open his window just enough to shove the latest edition through the crack and let nature take its course. At times, I suspect that he makes a game of it, flinging the paper in the general direction just to see if he might actually hit the opening. A miss! Ah, too bad. Subscriber loses another one.

It’s not that I have no compassion for the carrier–– out there all alone in the dark and the rain and the snow and the tornados. They couldn’t pay me enough to do that. I can even live with a missed delivery or a soggy paper every so often. Then I get the latest bill.

It seems the Tulsa World believes it is of everyone’s benefit to receive a little insert publication with the catchy name of Tulsa World Magazine. You would think this to be a free bonus, perhaps to attract more subscribers. You would think wrong.

“Your subscription includes delivery of the newspaper on Thanksgiving day and 6 editions of Tulsa World Magazine. Your account will be charged a premium for these editions.”

And what if I opt out?

“Tulsa World will charge a $5.00 processing fee for refunds remitted to the customer.”

What to do? I see only one option. Looks like I’ll be getting my news from CNN and Facebook.











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