Do you believe in omens? How about animal omens; a belief that the sighting of, or an experience with a wild animal, has meaning?

On the day when we moved into our present home, I mentioned to one of the workers that when I was scouting for an area to build, I came across a barred owl sitting on a traffic sign. The mover was an older man with furrowed brows and enough lines on his face to have seen a thing or two, good and bad, but probably mostly bad. He listened to my owl story and immediately stopped what he was doing.

“You may not put much stock in this,” he said. “But I believe that means something. It means you have chosen a good spot on this earth to build your home.”

Good to know…I guess.

Curious, I wanted to know more about animal omens. When I told a friend about it, she sent me a gift, a book appropriately titled Animal Omens written by Victoria Hunt.

Although it read a little like astrology, it was interesting nonetheless. Where am I going with this? Yesterday was not a good day for me. I was feeling depressed and discouraged and couldn’t shake the mood. I stepped out back for some fresh air.

My back yard is wooded with  several trees and a small graveled walking path. It’s my little nature trail, a place to walk and think. On the back side of the trail sits a wooden bench, a good place to pause, watch the clouds, and let the troubles drift away.

Late yesterday afternoon and long about twilight, it was chilly, but no wind to speak of. There I sat, my hoodie pulled over my head, feeling sorry for myself. I’m beginning to feel the cold seep into my legs when I see movement in the trees on the far side of the lot. A hawk! He’s hopping from branch to branch, his sharp eyes on the leaves below, probably searching for a woodland vole that the yard is known to hold. Suddenly, it takes flight, heading directly my way. I freeze. The hawk, a Red-tail, lands on a branch before me, no more than ten yards away, amazingly close and quite unusual. He looks at me. I look at him. We held eyes for only a moment before he flew…but it was enough.

Victoria Hunt writes: Hawk teaches us about balance and shows us how to release any unnecessary emotional baggage we may be carrying around.

And for that short, sweet moment, the hawk did just that.






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  1. And now you know that we do “communicate” with animals. I feel it’s another part of nature – the nature we must coexist with.

  2. I love this post, Warren. The idea of animal omens/guides is an interesting one I think.

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