Dark Thirty?

I admit it. I screwed up. Write it off to senility, dementia, or simply old age, I didn’t pay the electric bill. Can’t blame it on the Post Office. I got it and remember it well. The Amount Due sent me into arterial fibrillation. Blood pressure jumped. Might have peed a little too. I am all electric and when the temps plummet, the bill skyrockets. Following a friend’s suggestion, I keep a log chain around the meter just to hold it in place.

Wasn’t aware of the problem until I receive another bill, this one with an attachment.


Failure to pay will result in a $50 reconnect.


I check my on-line banking record. Uh oh. Somehow I failed to pay, probably because I forgot to click the Send Payment block. Details, details.

Not a problem, I think. I’ll just call the electric company, give them a credit card number, and the lights stay on. The cats remain warm and toasty. The TV glows. The fridge pumps out ice for my spookers. All is well. Except it wasn’t.

Instead of the electric people handling it, I was directed to a third party with this cheery message. “You will be charged $3.50 for a convenience fee. Do you wish to proceed?”

Convenient? Convenient for whom?

Option #1: Proceed. Give these pirates the $3.50 and get it over with or…

Option #2: Gamble that the on-line banking will process the payment before the house goes dark in the middle of winter and they have to pry my cold, dead fingers from the keyboard.

I sucked it up and went with #1.

Got to thinking on it. Maybe they have an auto-pay, a method to bypass that senile old fart in the middle, and keep this embarrassing little incident from happening again. I go to the electric co. website. I don’t find an auto-pay, but I do find a page where I can pay directly through their site. Uh, do you think they might have told me that before pushing me off to the scam artists and save my $3.50 “convenience” fee? NOOOO!

Are we looking at a little kick-back scheme here?

Ordered a new book. “How to Live Off the Grid.” Hopefully it gets here before my computer goes dark.




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  1. Must be catchy, I forgot to pay my Verizon bill and have gotten about 10 texts on it from the company !

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